Não sei se tenho maior raiva pelos Sionistas ou pela América. Na verdade são o mesmo, ambos têm a mesma visão imperialista do mundo. Dominar e conquistar. E pelo cinema e TV controlam até os sonhos.

“The first generation of Jewish movie moguls owned the studios. On the business side, adding to Hollywood’s reputation as a Jewish industry was the fact that many of the talent agencies were founded and staffed by Jews.

At the beginning of the 21st century, by contrast, the studios are owned by corporations and controlled in great part by non-Jews. A great many Jewish people have continued to work in Hollywood as executives, agents, and attorneys. They are involved at every level in the creative decisions affecting the movies made in America and seen the world over. But increasingly, they are making those decisions with their eyes on a mass audience and for corporate masters concerned with the bottom line, profits and stock performance. So although there are many Jewish executives, they are merely employees, serving at the whim of the marketplace and their masters.”
Enciclopédia Judaica

Descobri por acaso que há uma enciclopedia Judaica. Não descobri e provavelmente não haverá uma enciclopédia cristã ou arábe. Porque só os Judeus se acham tão unicos, tão detentores da verdade que têm a necessidade de a contar á sua maneira. Têm a necessidade e o dinheiro.

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